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20 gauge shot shells

20 gauge shot shells are one of the most sought-after sizes for shotgun shells that are available in the present. In comparison the 12-gauge which is the most popular ammo for shotguns 20 gauge ammunition will provide the same performance however, it has less recoil felt. This is why 20 gauge shotguns are often targeted at younger or smaller shooters.

However, there’s 20 ga ammunition that can be used to suit a range of different tasks. There are 20 gauge turkey ammunition for hunting turkeys, 20 gauge buckshot, and the 20 gauge slug that is used to hunt deer. On paper the other hand, it is estimated that a 2.75-inch Winchester Ammunition target load with 7/8 ounces of weight will give 1200 feet per second.

Find 20 gauge shells and slugs made by top brands such as Remington, HEVI-Shot and more on OpticsPlanet. If you’re struggling to choose the correct ammo look up the How to Purchase Ammo tutorial. Explore OpticsPlanet and purchase a box now!

20 gauge shot shells

20 gauge shot shells

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