250 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by Federal – 1 ounce #8 shot


When it comes to cheap shooting, shotguns are second only to the .22 LR. Well, there is a caveat to this; shot shells are cheap. Slugs and buck shot, eh, those are pricier. But you just cannot beat the cost of plain old birdshot for the versatility they offer.


Federal #8 shot is just what the doctor ordered for knocking down blue rock at your favorite trap and skeet club. Coming down the pipe at a solid 1,180 fps it will crack disc after disc. But that is hardly the end of it for this fantastic 2 3/4” shell.


A good #8 birdshot like Federal’s is a great choice for all sorts of wing shooting. It works out great for doves, quail, pheasant, prairie chickens, grouse, you name it. But it is also equally adept at rabbits, squirrels, and other small varmints of the furred realm.


Don’t feel left out if you happen to be one of those tactical geeks; classic bird shot can work for you, too. You always have to bring a passel of shells to any of those tactical shotgunner courses and who wants to pound on their shoulder for two days with magnums? And who wants to pay for it? In terms of shotgun fundamentals and tactical drills, bird shot works just as well as slugs or buckshot.


If you’re on the fence over this deal, don’t be and don’t sit on it because it won’t stick around. Pick up your case of bulk Federal #8 today and put it to work for you.



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